Department of Medical Genomics

Department of Medical Genomics (the second phase) is run by the donation from Eisai Inc. to identify essential growth drivers in every cancer, by taking advantage of our functional screening system coupled with the next generation sequencing technologies. We have Dr. Eirin Sai as Associate Professor and Dr. Masahito Kawazu as Lecturer, and supported by Departments of Cellular Signaling (Professor Hiroyuki Mano) and Molecular Pathology (Professor Kohei Miyazono), The University of Tokyo.
Department of Medical Genomics enjoys a deep collaboration with Department of Cellular Signaling, and is co-located at the north wing of 6th floor of Experimental Research Building together with Department of Cellular Signaling. The first phase of Department of Medical Genomics was established in September 2009 by the donation from Astellas Pharma Inc. and Illumina Inc.

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